About CheckMyHotel

1. Who is the owner of CheckMyHotel.net ?
CheckMyHotel.net is owned and managed by Sun Travel Denmark / CVR 34446776
When you make booking and payment at CheckMyHotel.net, in fact you make an agreement with Sun Travel Denmark.

2. What sets CheckMyHotel apart from the hotel booking websites?
CheckMyHotel.net is not an electronic system for comparing prices on different websites.
We are a young, energetic team, comprising specialists in hotel bookings with over 10-year experience and long-term partnership with an extensive network of the best providers of hotel accommodation services worldwide. You can be sure that you will get the lowest price for your selected hotel at the dates indicated at the time of the inquiry.

You will find it out yourselves!

3. Can I only make hotel bookings on CheckMyHotel.net?
In CheckMyHotel.net you can only book hotel accommodation.

About Hotel Bookings

1. How can I check the price of the hotel I have chosen?
You can check the price of your chosen hotel by completing the inquiry form in the box Check Your Hotel Price. You will receive automatic e-mail reply to the email address specified by you confirming that we have received your inquiry. Our e-mail will also contain a link and access code to your inquiry, by which you will be able to check its status. Our team will check the current availability and the lowest price and it will be recorded along with all conditions of your booking - payment terms and deadlines for possible modification or cancellation.

2. Can I make an inquiry by phone or can I change an already made booking by phone?
No, it is not possible. To avoid any possible errors, omissions and inaccuracies you should carefully and in peace fill the inquiry form on CheckMyHotel.net specifying all specific details of your choice /name of the selected hotel, check-in date, check-out date, number of nights, number of adults, if there are children fill in their number and age on the check-in date, board type, room type/. Any modifications in an already sent inquiry or booking should also be made in writing in the Comments box of your booking form or by writing to: support@checkmyhotel.net for the same reasons.

3. How to take advantage of the proposal received and to make my booking?
Our proposal with the specific price and conditions will be valid until 23:59 GMT on the date specified as the payment deadline. We must have received payment for your booking by the specified payment deadline so that you can take advantage of our proposal.

4. What is included in the room rate?
The Room rate includes the respective number of nights in the specified room type for the specified number of guests, with or without a corresponding meal (according to your choice), and any additional services that the hotel offers free of charge or at a discount to its guests.

5. What if I do not want to take your offer?
If you do not want to take our offer, just do not pay the specified amount offered. By sending this inquiry you do not undertake any liabilities and do not have to pay any fees. We will be glad to be able to respond to your next inquiry.

6. What do I have to show in the Hotel as a proof of accommodation?
Once we receive your payment, your booking status will be modified and your Hotel Voucher will be created, which you can then download and print. This voucher must be presented upon arrival at the reception in the Hotel. Only this Voucher is the proof that your reservation is valid and paid. The Voucher is a personal document and may not be transferable to third parties.

7. Problem with accommodation?
If you have any problem with your booking upon checking in or getting the services listed in the voucher, you should immediately call the Emergency Phones specified at the bottom of your voucher and/or send an email to support@checkmyhotel.net. Please note that we will not consider any complaints and refunds if you have not contacted the said telephone in case of problems with the services listed in your voucher.

8. How can I change or cancel my reservation after I have paid?
Use the link and access code to your booking sent to your email and in the Comments box of your booking form type what you would like to change. Or send your request for modification to the following e-mail: support@checkmyhotel.net

Each booking has specific conditions for cancellation and modification and specific deadlines which will be notified to you in detail before payment. For cancellation of booking made before the deadline, you will be refunded the full amount you have paid.

9. How can I change or cancel my reservation before I pay?
Use the link and access code to your booking sent to your email and in the Comments box of your booking form type what you would like to change. Or send your request for modification to the following e-mail: support@checkmyhotel.net
If you want to cancel your booking and fail to pay it in our system before the deadline for payment, it will be automatically cancelled.

10. How can I change or cancel a booking after the deadline for cancellation and modification?
Use the link and access code to your booking sent to your email and in the Comments box of your booking form type what you would like to change. Or send your request for modification to the following e-mail: support@checkmyhotel.net.

The options and deadlines for modification or cancellation will be described in the terms and conditions of our proposal so that you will be aware in advance with all the terms and conditions and any possible fees imposed by the hotel which will be charged upon any cancellation or modification to your booking made after that deadline.

11. What is a non-changeable booking - non-refundable booking?
Non-refundable booking is a reservation which after being confirmed and paid, may not be cancelled or changed. Upon modification or cancellation of such reservation, 100% of the amount paid will be deducted as a fee by the hotel.

12. If I am not able to check in the hotel on the date that I booked or leave before the planned check-out date, will I get a refund?
If it happens that you are not able to arrive on the date of booking, but on the following day, you must immediately notify the hotel or us in order to avoid the risk that your entire stay might be cancelled and the hotel might consider your booking a No-show.

If you check in a day/days after the date of the booking, you will not get a refund because the hotel room will be reserved for you on the date which you have booked.

If you leave a day/days before the intended check-out date, you must send us a document signed and stamped by the hotel certifying
The consent of the hotel to refund the amount of the unused nights of your reservation.

13. I have not used the booked stay, will I receive a refund?
If you have not used the booked stay and you have forgotten to cancel your booking before the deadline set by the hotel, you will not get a refund. The hotel will consider your booking a No-show and will charge your stay as used.

14. Does the Hotel charge differently for a child?
It depends on the policy of the hotel and the age of the child. When making your inquiry for the room, please specify if you are travelling with a child (children) and their age. The age of the child is determined as the age at the check-out date. The Hotel may require you to present a document certifying the age of the child.

If the Hotel charges for a child, it will be included in the final price of our offer.

15. May more than two adults be accommodated in a room?
Yes, if the hotel has rooms suitable to accommodate more than two guests. It is very important to specify the exact number of guests in the room, how many adults and/or children will be accommodated at the hotel (for children, it is required to specify their age at the time of stay). For security reasons, most hotels have strict rules governing the permissible number of guests that can be accommodated in a specific room type.

16. Can I check in earlier?
You can check in earlier than the specified check-in time only if your room is available, it depends entirely on the availability of the hotel on the day of your arrival. Some hotels have luggage rooms where you can leave your luggage for storage in case of an early arrival.

17. I want to check out later than the check-out time specified by the hotel. What can I do?
Late check-out can only be arranged with the hotel, the hotel may require a fee and it usually depends on the availability of the hotel on the check-out date. You are advised, even upon arrival, to ask the front desk if it is possible to leave after the specified check-out time.

18. Can I book a room in someone else's name?
Yes, you can book a room in someone else's name if this is the person who will stay at the hotel.

19. Can I check my booking at the hotel?
You can check your booking at the hotel using your Booking ID on the voucher and the first name of the booking. Keep in mind that even though your room is booked, some hotels will register your name after the expiry of the deadline for possible modification or cancellation of your booking.

20. Do you accept group bookings?
Yes, if you want to make an inquiry about a group, please sent an e-mail to: support@checkmyhotel.net, specifying the desired destination and hotel, as well as the number of people and rooms.

21. Can I book more than one room?
Yes, you can. You can book up to two rooms at once. For more than 2 rooms, please contact us at support@checkmyhotel.net

22. If I change a hotel booking, will I receive the same price?
It is possible that the price may be different from the original if you change the dates of your stay and the number of guests or the room type. Prices vary depending on the season, current availability on the selected check-in date, room type, number of guests.
The modification of the guest's name is free of charge.

23. Can I book a flight with you?
No, you cannot. You can only make hotel bookings.

24. Can I order a transfer to the hotel?
Currently, it is not possibly to order a transfer with us. You can check the options for transfer on the website of the respective hotel. Many hotels offer "transfer services".

25. How do I know if the hotel has a parking and how can I reserve it?
On the hotel website you will find out whether the hotel has parking facilities and whether it is possible to make reservation in advance. Most hotels do not offer reservation of parking space.

26. How do I know if the hotel allows pets?
Each hotel has a different policy for pets. You can check the rules and the prices of the particular chosen hotel on the website of the hotel.
It is important to specify in your booking form if you are travelling with a pet, so that the hotel can provide the respective type of room.

27. How can I get more information about the room or hotel amenities?
You can find a detailed description of the types of hotel rooms and other hotel amenities on the website of the hotel you have chosen.

28. Can I choose the exact position of my room (floor, view, near the pool, etc.)?
You can write down your special requirements in the Comments box in the inquiry form. The hotel staff will always strive to satisfy your requirements. But we are not able to guarantee that your requirements will be met, because it depends entirely on the hotel.

Payments and Refunds

1. How can I pay for my booking?
We accept payments by bank card and bank transfer

• Visa
• MasterCard
• Bank transfer

3. If I cancel my booking, will I be refunded?
Yes, if the terms and conditions of your booking allow cancellation, 100% of the amount will be refunded. In case your booking is non-changeable or non-refundable, the hotel will not refund the amount paid. Each booking is made subject to individual conditions and you will be notified in advance of the specific cancellation policy applicable to your booking.

4. Can I be refunded for or can I change a non-refundable booking?
No, non-refundable bookings are made at a preferential rate and the hotel does not allow modification and refunds in the event of cancellation or no-show. We recommend you to make a reservation with the option to cancel it later if you stay at the hotel is not yet completely determined.

5. Can I make a booking using the bank card of another person?
Yes, you can make a payment using the bank card of another person.

6. Can you give me an invoice for the payment made?
Of course, each payment received is subject to tax reporting and you can receive an invoice as required by the country and the institution to which the invoice is to be filed. You can contact us at office@checkmyhotel.net specifying the reservation number, the full details of the invoice recipient, regardless whether company or individual.

7. What if I fail to pay within the prescribed time limit?
If the booking is not paid by the specified deadline, it will be automatically cancelled and you do not have to pay any charges.

8. Am I required to pay any fee if I fill in the form to check the price of a hotel?
No, you do not have to pay anything. By filling in the form to check the price of your desired hotel and period you do not undertake any liabilities. We will check the price and send you our offer for free.

9. What will be the currency and the exchange rate for my booking?
Bookings can be paid in the currencies specified and the exchange rate of your selected currency only depends on your bank.

About Travelling

1. Do I need to have insurance?
It is desirable to have insurance covering your trip and stay abroad, but this is entirely a personal choice. Insurance is not required to make a reservation.

2. Should I carry a passport or visa for my journey or be vaccinated?
Please check the vaccination and visa requirements in the country you intend to visit. We accept no responsibility if you forget to check the requirements in the specific country concerning documents, such as visas, border papers, documents for stay and travelling or vaccinations.