Terms of use

When you contact us with the requirement to receive information about the best price that our site can offer you for the hotel that you wish to book for your holiday or business trip, you will be instantly provided with a booking page, automatically created by the site, so that you can always have an access there and check your booking status or the status of your request. 

In order to get this access, you will automatically receive an e-mail on the e-mail address that you have provided, containing your password and the link for access. If there is a change into the status of your request for the following twenty-four hours, you will also automatically receive an e-mail, containing the link to your page, where you can click and have the chance to find our offer.

1. Your Booking / Request

Each customer has his own booking/request page. This is the page where you can find all kind of information, regarding your booking and that includes payment deadlines, price information, cancellation, no-show and rules for changes.

There are many activities that you can do through this page – you can make the payment for your booking, you can add some special requirements if you have such and request for making changes if necessary. All these specifications will be delivered to the hotel by us, and the hotel will try to comply with your requirements as far as this is possible.

You will immediately receive an e-mail if there was a change in your status request. Like for example when you pay for the booking you have made, you can then open the e-mail that you immediately receive, where you can read the information about the change in you present status to ‘Paid’ and you can then download the voucher that you will need for your hotel accommodation.

2. Voucher

As mentioned above, the client automatically receives an e-mail on the provided e-mail address when he pays for his accommodation and the voucher for the accommodation is also available in the e-mail.

For downloading and printing the voucher, the client uses the access code and the link, provided in the e-mail to visit his booking page. This voucher serves as a document that certifies the client`s booking and payment for the hotel. When the customer arrives at the hotel, he needs to present it in front of the hotel reception so that he can be accommodated in accordance with the specified requirements.

3. Agreement

When CheckMyHotel has already received the payment for your booking, then is the time when your booking becomes binding on the parties. There are terms and conditions regarding the price and applicable terms and conditions about certain activities that you may wish to make, such as cancellation, changes, etc. So when the customer makes the payment, it is considered that he has read and agreed with all the applicable terms and conditions about the booking. That is why our recommendation is to read carefully and pay more attention to the terms and conditions about the booking process before making the payment.

It is the client`s responsibility to provide all the proper date regarding the booking, which includes the names of the guests, correct e-mail address, dates of checking-in and checking-out, etc.

The contract between the site and the customer is considered concluded when CheckMyHotel makes an offer and the customer accepts it after reading and accepting the terms and conditions, applicable to the booking. The offer is actually accepted when the process of payment is made.

4. Payment

You have the possibility to make the payment in a way that is suitable for you – via credit card, debit card or online banking for which we have a point of sale terminal. The technology that we use for the payment is – Secure Socket Layer /SSL/ which is a certified technology and guarantees confidentiality and security.
Another thing that you need to know and is also specified in the terms and conditions, is that you need to pay the booking before the deadline expires. If you do not pay the booking within the specified time for doing it, then your booking is automatically cancelled.

5. Cancellation

You can cancel your booking only in accordance with the terms and conditions for cancellation. The rules and the policy for cancellation are usually determined by each hotel. These terms and conditions about its cancellation policy are described and available on the booking page. We strongly recommend that the customer should become familiar with the terms of the policy before he makes his final decision.

Here are the ways that the customer can use for making the cancellation. This is in the case that the cancellation is done within the period before the deadline, which is specified on the booking page where the terms and conditions about cancelling an offer are available.

The booking is automatically cancelled if the customer was not able to pay the booking before the deadline expired.

The customer can use the booking page and the comment section through which he can send a message to CheckMyHotel with a request for cancelling the respective booking. This cancellation request can be also send via e-mail at the following e-mail address: office@checkmyhotel.net.

CheckMyHotel will restore to the client the amount paid in case the cancellation of the booking is done on time (when the cancellation is made before the deadline expires as it is according to the terms and conditions of cancelling a booking, but the card payment fee is not restored, see Chapter 13-Fees).

The paid amount of money is resorted in the same way that the customer has made the payment, and as it is specified in the terms and conditions of booking cancellation available at the booking page, the hotel will charge a penalty fee if the booking is cancelled after the deadline has expired.

6. Changes in the booking

The only way that the customer can make changes in the booking, is in accordance with the rules for changing the booking. The terms and conditions, concerning the deadline for making any changes in the booking are available on the customer`s booking page. We recommend that our customers read carefully the terms and the conditions which are applicable for the booking, because there is a deadline for making any changes and if the customer wants to make any changes after it has expired then the hotel will not accept his request for changes.

There are certain factors that have an influence over the opportunity for making a change – so it depends on the terms, conditions and price which are valid at the date of submission of the request and on the current availability in the hotel. And the price can also change then like for example when the customer makes a change in the number of guests, type of the room or the date. And the price then depends on the hotel availability at the desired date, the type of the room or the season.

The price for the respective booking will not be changed in case of making a change in the name or in the number of guests unless something else is written into the present terms and conditions.

There is also a case when the client decides to make a change on the day of his arrival in the hotel, or for some reason wants to use just a part of the booking, so the hotel then implements the hotel policy concerning changes or cancellation. The time period that was paid for, but was not used, will be restored as a respective amount by CheckMyHotel, but only after the client provides signed and stamped document by the hotel in which it is written that the hotel agrees to restore the respective amount for the booked period that was not used. CheckMyHotel will reimburse the money to the client as soon as the site receives the amount by the hotel and upon submission of the required document, described above.

There is the so-called, non-refundable booking, where changes can not be made because the payment for the booking can not be refunded, because this booking is usually made for a preferential price.

In case that the customer is not able to arrive at the hotel on the check-in date, that is specified in the booking, but plans to do it on the next day for some reason, then he needs to contact CheckMyHotel or the hotel, in order to avoid cancellation of the entire booking. He can do this using the following e-mail address: office@checkmyhotel.net and send an e-mail or he can go to the booking page and describe what his attention is in the comment section.

If the customer does not notify CheckMyHotel or the hotel about the change that he wants to delay his arrival with one day, then the status of the booking will be changed as ‘no-show’ and could be cancelled. In accordance with the terms and conditions applicable for the booking, the amount will be restored to the client.

For some bookings, changes or cancellation can not be made, since these are special offers, sold at preferential price and they are marked as non-refundable. When the client is not sure about the exact dates when he can stay at the hotel, we recommend that you choose a booking that has the option for late cancellation.

7. No-show

If the guest or guests do not show in the hotel at the date of checking-in and the customer had not notified CheckMyHotel for this delay or change, the hotel then has the right as it is according to the terms and conditions concerning the booking, to mark the booking in this case with a status ‘no-show’ and to receive after that the money for the entire stay.

8. Responsibiltiy

The main service that CheckMyHotel provides, is to be a mediator between the customer and the different hotels, agents and providers of various hotel accommodation services. The main task that the site fulfills is to be the mediator and the only responsibility that it has is to make the respective booking for the client, therefore the site does not bear any responsibility for any errors, warranties, omissions, representations or agreements. The site is also not responsible for any arrangements made between the client and the hotel, and when these agreements had not been kept. CheckMyHotel is not responsible for any of the actions of third parties. So when there is damage, injury, loss or any other kind of negligence by the agent, the provider or the hotel, while providing the services, CheckMyHotel is not responsible for any of it.

Each hotel has the right to make changes in its terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. But in case when there are errors in the hotel information or lack of information, CheckMyHotel does not bear any financial or other responsibility. The best thing that a customer could do is to carefully check the terms and conditions of the respective hotel he had chosen, just before he makes the payment for his stay. The accuracy and reliability of the provided information is a sole responsibility of the hotel.

CheckMyHotel does not bear any responsibility beyond the scope of its actions, which means, when there are any changes like closed roads, restaurants, shops, which is beyond the control of the site.

And the site does not bear any responsibility when due to technical problems, the booking can not be completed.

9. Changes made by the hotel/provider as a result of unforeseen circumstances

When the hotel or the hotel agents need to make a change in the booking, they are entitled to provide the same quality of the accommodation as it was offered before the change. In such a case, the customer will be immediately informed, but he will not be indemnified.

In the case when unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances arise, the booking can be cancelled. The customer then can choose between two variants after he is informed as soon as possible for such a situation – he can choose the alternative to go to another, alternative hotel of the same quality and conditions, or he can receive his money back.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the customer does not have the right to get any additional compensation.

10. Complaints

If the customer is not satisfied by the service, provided by the hotel and there is some kind of inconvenience that he is not happy with, he should immediately inform the staff of the hotel and the reception. The hotel will do its best then to remove the reason for the complaint and to make the customer`s stay as pleasant as possible.

Many of the hotels provide different types of compensation to their customers when they are not satisfied of what they receive as a service. To get this compensation, the only thing that the customer should do is to notify the stuff members for having a complaint.

In case when the reason of the complaint can not be removed by the hotel during the client`s stay, then the client should require a written document from the hotel about this situation and send to the CheckMyHotel after that on the following e-mail address: office@checkmyhotel.net.

The customer also has the right to lodge his complaint to the online portal of complaints of the EC: office@checkmyhotel.net.

11. Insurance

It is recommended to the customer to get travel insurance before going on his holiday.

12. City Tax Fee

For some destinations, the customer should pay an environmental or local tourist tax, which is defined by the local authorities.

13. Visas, Passports and Vaccinations

Depending on the destination where the customer is travelling to, he should be aware of the certain rules, concerning visas, passports or vaccinations. When he gets the necessary information, the customer should pay for any costs and provide the required documents.

14. Fees

CheckMyHotel provides a free service. There are no fees that should be paid by the customer when using CheckMyHotel.

A fee is charged though, when the customer pays for his accommodation via credit or debit card and even in the case when the booking is cancelled this fee can not be restored to the customer.

15. Age Limit

The service that CheckMyHotel provides can be used by any person who is at least 18 years old.
If the guest of the hotel will be a child under 18 years, some of the hotels require written consent of the guardian of the child, and some hotels do not allow children under 18 to be alone, without a guardian. For obtaining this specific information, the customer should directly talk to the hotel stuff.

16. Price Change

In case of any extreme conditions, unforeseen circumstances and any conditions that are beyond the control of the site, CheckMyHotel reserves the right to change the prices.

17. Cookies

CheckMyHotel is a site that does not use any cookies. This means that the site does not collect and does not receive any cookies for personal data of the customers or any other information from devices.

18. Privacy Policy

All customer`s personal data is under the protection and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. For booking his hotel accommodation, the customer will be asked to provide his personal data, but for CheckMyHotel, the protection of client`s personal data is of high priority.

The personal information that is required to be provides, which is: name, telephone number, if possible, and email address, is shared only with the provider or the hotel where the booking is made and is done only for the purpose of the booking

ChekMyHotel reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.